Chris Micheal is a good-timing big-country kind of guy. Him and his band have been tearing up the Western Canadian country music landscape since their formation in early 2019. Leaving the rock work after a decade of performing in his band Jekyll & The Hydes, Chris has been dumping countless hours into singles and playing the game right by collaborating with artists all the way down in LA. It doesn’t stop at that though...

Chris Micheal is one of those guys who laughter and personality is infectious to the whole room. It’s dang-near impossible to be upset when this guy is in the room; on or off stage. His band plays a country-rock sound that’s heavy on dance beats and crowd engagement.

Chris is in the process of releasing brand new music following the success of his first single OLE HOE DOWN. Working towards the release of his debut album, Chris Micheal is on his way down the heartworn highway.