MARCH 30 | Brand New Single - Howlin'

Hey Everyone! Today is March 30th and we just dropped a brand new single for you to check out!

It's called HOWLIN'. The band and I worked really hard on the song. Writing it, finding tones for the record, and rolling it out to you is always a big process. Everytime we work on a new track we learn so much more about ourselves as bandmates and musicians. For me, working with these guys in the studio makes me happier than a bowl full of plum coulee because I know every song we do is another song we'll be playing for you when concerts start up again!

Another really fun aspect of putting a song like this together is the feeling and the stories it brings back from everything we referenced. Last summer was busy, fun, and helped shape what we're doing today. We had such a great time hanging out with other musicians and all the new fans, that we can't wait to make new memories this year!

So please check out the new song and let me know what you think! I'm always around on social media so don't be afraid to send my facebook or instagram pages a message, or leave a comment! We're always announcing giveaways of merch or tickets and you don't want to miss out because I want you to have them! Thanks for checking out my website out today. I'll be back soon with more!

- Chris Micheal